Update 76: Walk the plank

Version 76 is here with a full pirate overhaul!!


  • New lair!
  • New enemy types!
  • New AI!

New features:

  • In-game text chat
  • The cargo bay can now be accessed from strongholds
  • Backpacks can now hold an infinite number of items. After reaching a certain limit you will be slowed down.
  • The backpack limit can be increased using the upgrade station!
  • Saving the settings will now trigger a popup and a sound queue
  • Elevators now have radar icons
  • The star chart will now show seconds passing as well
  • Battlefield 1 overhaul
  • Battlefield 2 overhaul
  • Floating Islands overhaul
  • Snow map overhaul
  • New crossbow reloading effect
  • New shotgun reload effect
  • Weapons using bullets will now fire shells
  • New grenade launcher special effects
  • New bipedal mech attack special effects
  • A message will now warn you when entering a new zone
  • 2 new tutorial quests


  • Ships will not display a green dot on the radar anymore
  • Your power level has been replaced by your overall level on the star chart
  • Zones difficulties have been adjusted
  • Quest descriptions will now show icons

Bug Fixes:
  • Multiverse adjusted the level of certain hormones in their rations as some became frantic after eating them. (non-hostile fleet will not attack randomly anymore.
  • Communication frequencies have been adjusted to avoid interferences. (receiving a call from an NPC should not softlock the game anymore)

Have fun matey!
Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko