Update 77: Life gets better


Version 77 is here everyone!
Lots of QoL additions this time!

New additions:
  • Items from quests, crafting and battles will now automatically be added to your inventory upon completion
  • Leaving rifts, parasitic meteors and hatcheries is now done through the escape menu
  • You can now interact with stronghold and activities directly on the star chart
  • Social functions have been added, you can now add other players as friends to create teams faster
  • Ships can now hold troops past their capacity. This will however lead to overexhaustion and make troops deal 50% less damage.
  • You can now interact with everything from within the star chart
  • Evolution of all troops will now be displayed with a rank icon instead
  • Added new pirates!
  • New boss spawning effect (rifts)
  • New ripple special effects on shieldmasters' shields
  • New attack effect (divine spirits)
  • New pem bash attack
  • Pirate gladiators now have a new Laser Cutlass
  • Pirate ships now have different colors available
  • New Blood effect on death
  • New bow reloading effect
  • New grenade launcher secondary fire effect
  • Quest objective markers have been overhauled
  • Enemies can now team up against you on the star chart
  • New captain's chair in the ship
  • While crafting, missing components will be highlighted in red
  • The savefiles now display your character's name, level and can be deleted
  • Friendly NPCs can now randomly give gifts

  • Multiverse updated their communication devices' operating system to avoid them infinitely ringing or shortcircuting ships (calls will not softlock the game anymore)
  • Ships are now all required to house a navigation device (selling the ship you spawn with will not softlock the game)


Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko