Update 78: The special

Hello commander! Version 78 is here with a ton of new special effects, QoL improvements, Fixes and more!

New additions:
  • Inventory sort button (players' request x 1000000)
  • UTAA upscaler
  • Resupplying will now show a supply ship resupplying you
  • New special effects:
  • New tank laser effect
  • New simian shooting effect
  • New simian explosion effect
  • New crawler attack effect
  • New dragon (flying pem) attack effect

  • Space station interaction system (buy without leaving your ship!)
  • Overhauled food mechanic, having no food will instead weaken your troops (previously slowly killed them)
  • Tutorial videos have been temporarily disabled (new ones coming next patch)
  • The save option will now always be in the ESC menu but will be grayed out when inaccessible with a tool tip on where/when to save
  • Pirate lair tracking overhaul

  • Multiverse inc. has updated their close range communication devices to prevent ships from turning off when using them. (No soft lock in dialog on the galaxy map)
  • Kepler Industries recalled their Grenade Launchers to modify their grenade ejection systems and make explosions more satisfying. (Grenade Launcher special effect will be tracking the weapon and your projectiles better)
  • New regulations by the Church of Currency now prevents sellers from showing benefits to customers who do not qualify (The training menu will not be shown to players who did not unlock it)
  • "I apologize for my HUD showcasing elements in another language, this should not happen again" 
    Your suit's AI
     (Everything should now be in the language you selected)
  • Kepler Industries has updated their NCIs (Neural Command Interface) to allow for better control of troops on the battlefield (The AI will correctly follow orders in battles)
  • Scientist are baffled by Manics sudden DNA change that seems to only impact their blood color (Manics' blood will now be red, was previously green)

Have fun commander and remember,
⟟ ⌰⍜⎐⟒ ⊬⍜⎍!

-Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko