Update 82: The merge

A large patch note, 4 patches in one!

Special effects:

  • New enemy spawning/ship deployment animation
  • New shotgun shots special effect
  • New Medic (troop) special effects (attacks)
  • New ship weapon attacks special effects
  • New melee hit special effects
  • New shotgun reload animation
  • New grenade launcher weapon core animation
  • Leg propulsor effect added for pirates fighter (them sliding wasn’t a bug, they just have sick turbo boots and had no VFX)
  • New laser canon attack special effect (troops)
  • 6 New boss spawn animations (Famas soldiers, Simian, 2 Pirates, Pems, Medics)
  • Enemy death burst (corpse explosion) special effect
  • Turret materialization special effect
  • Elite mobs/boss glowing eyes special effects


  • Rotating shields, hatred, illusion and life link have been re-added for bosses and elites


  • Footstep SFX added
  • Jumping SFX added
  • Dashing SFX added
  • Flying SFX added
  • Mission log SFXs added
  • AI voice added (few lines)


  • Pirate fighters can now throw their shield Yo-yo style and it’s sick
  • New pirate sword fighters added
  • Pem shooting adjustments (they are a bit more precise)
  • Enemies with raised shields can no longer be knocked back by explosions


  • Consumable stacks will automatically refill when depleted if you have more available in your backpack


  • New enemy health bars (bosses’ and elites’ life bars will be fixed at the top of your HUD for better readability)
  • The star chart now features more information on which buttons do what
  • New, clearer way to dispose of unwanted items
  • Stacks of items are now easier to spot
  • Popups are now easier to read
  • UI performance cost lowered (we can now render 100 times the number of health bars and other UI items for a fraction of the previous cost)


  • New emotes have been added
  • Multiplayer fully restored
  • Players can now hot join in an already started game
  • Massive improvements on synchronization (seeing the same enemies at the same spot at the same time in multiplayer)


  • All weapons were given adjustments to how they handle and feel as well as new crosshair details (hitting an enemy). Recoil was also adjusted for all weapons.


  • Critical damages (weak points damage) have been lowered while regular damage received an up.
  • All weapons received damage overhauls. (Feedback on that is welcomed)

Anthony, Freeman and Yoko