Update 84: Red Circle

Version 84 is finally here and we are resuming updating every 2 weeks!

Here are the main five features and the reason why we took more time to produce this update:
  • Multiplayer is re-enabled. While all players can pilot the ship and interact with planets, stations… only the host can trigger events/landings (temporary, the experience will be improved later) This is in place thanks to @The Originals who found a bug while playing and this is our way to temporarily fixing it.
  • New Hatchery! Gameplay objective and experience changed + different difficulties
  • Upgraded Pirate Lairs Gameplay objective and experience changed + different difficulties
  • New activity, Comets! Drill to the core while defending your equipment to escape with loads of loot!
  • New equipment passives:

-Reloading Module: reduces reload speed by X%
-Self-Care Module: regenerates X% of your total health each X seconds
-Quantic Grenades: Grants X% chance on firing to not consume ammo(Grenade Launcher)
-Anti-Gravity thrusters: Adds X jumps (boots)
-Back Thrusters: Increases dash distance by X meters (chest)
-Scouter: Allows you to see enemies remaining health (health value). (head)

What else?:
  • This update sees a few features being temporarily restricted to create a better game flow/balancing/learning curve:
  • Weapon, ships and soldiers can no longer be purchased (they must be manufactured/trained)
  • Quests are removed (Except a few quests at the start) (temporary)
  • The playable zone has been limited for the next few patches as we improve the early game with a new tutorial
  • Upgrading and refining are temporarily removed
  • Commerce-only items (items whose sole purpose are to be sold) are temporarily removed.

But also:
  • Press enter to activate your mouse cursor! (lets you hover buffs to read their description)
  • All synthesis (weapon, troops, troop training, ships…) are combined into one menu (pressing P opens it)
  • Your fleet’s AI will now warn you if you are running out of fuel or food.
  • New unit, the pirate captain!
  • New command UI for conquest battles
  • Enemies killed in conquest battles can now drop loot
  • Lowered UI performance impact (edited)

Have fun everyone!
Anthony, Freeman And Yoko