Update 87: To Victory!

Commander we have implemented new tutorials for you to get a better handle on thing! The galaxy needs us!

  • Added 3 new chapters to the main quest
  • New side missions have been added

  • FAMAS Rifle recoil, firing speed adjusted
  • FAMAS Rifle scope speed adjusted
  • Melee weapons speed and animations were adjusted

  • New Rift spawn sound effect
  • New sound effects for melee weapons
  • New sound effects for the FAMAS Rifle

  • Menus now respond faster
  • New tutorials
  • New victory logo and fanfare
  • The synthesis menu now displays item levels
  • New victory logo

  • New space colony 3D model
  • Texts are larger in space to allow for easier reading
  • The cargo bay is disabled during the steam fest
  • Enemies spawning will always face players
  • Radar effects trigger when near an objective

  • New elite and boss kill medals

Enjoy commander!
Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko.