Update 90: The Pick Up

Hello everyone V90 is out!

  • It comes with a heavily requested feature, Auto-pick-up! Everything will be automatically added to your inventory after a battle. (in multiplayer this is done randomly for now)
  • Ship movement is now restricted to WASD/ZQSD for movement, interaction with nearby objects is done with E
  • The ship now has brand new living quarters
  • New sound effects and voicelines:
    -Ship firing
    -AI Death sound
    -AI Movement sound effects
    -AI Taunts
    -Emote sounds/voice lines
    -Troops receiving order voice lines
  • Items can now be linked into the chatbox
  • After an involuntary disconnection, the game will try to reconnect automatically
  • The purchase and sale price of an item have been separated more clearly in the UI

Big surprises are inbound for our next patch so stay tuned and most importantly, stay safe!

Anthony, Freeman and Yoko