Update 92: A Way Forward

Version 92 is out!

(you can vote at the bottom of the page)

Notable fixes/balancing and additions:

  • The reward track is new and has a skin to unlock!

  • The ship can now move forward alone by pressing Num Lock (like WoW). Pressing it will toggle it, pressing it again will turn it off)

  • You can now use your mouse to interact with interest points that are close enough (if you are not in range, the cursor will be grey)

  • Weapon proficiency overhaul

  • Multiplayer improvement

  • The reward track is now cannon in-game through quests (to make it fit in better). The pre-requisite is now to finish those quests and hit level 6. Due to these new quests and the XP they bring, other early-game quests will give a bit less XP.

  • The battlefield combats (with army) received balancing

  • Quest items can now be dropped

  • You will now see who refused a vote in a squad

  • New Kerhalen Ships (non-obtainable for players at the moment)

  • New Giant Pem (non-pilotable at the moment)

  • Knife, added [REDACTED]

  • Saves should corrupt less often

  • All items are now 1x1 in the inventory

  • Enemy generation overhaul (When given a quest to attack Pems in a pirate exclusive zone, the game will spawn pems to allow you to complete your quest)

  • Captive enemies will now be sold for 10 credits (A bit too easy to farm so the price needs to be low)

  • The reward track cap is now 30 (From 60)

  • Level cap is now 35 (From 60)

  • Yekaterinburg will now sell 2 treasure map trackers (was 3 before) to encourage finding others through fighting pirates.

  • The maximum number of ships is now 3 and all upgrades related to fleet size are removed. (because all players ships will show up in multiplayer to a maximum of 12 (3 ships x 4 players)

  • Character upgrades now unlock after lvl6 (1 per level) to balance the experience and give a reason to level up. They also cost a bit more as currency should be needed at all times and not grow until you have hundred of thousands sitting in your inventory

  • Normal mode for hatcheries, comets and rifts will spawn less enemies

  • Pirate lairs number of bosses on each difficulty reduced from 2/3/4 to 1/2/4 (normal/heroic/mythic)

  • Iron will drop 50% more from recycling (from your feedback you weren’t getting enough)

  • Synthesis surprise upgrades (synthesizing higher quality than selected) will happen a bit more frequently

  • Battlefields can now spawn chests upon completion

  • Captive units can now stack up to 99 in inventory

  • New recruits are now snipers, unlock at lvl8 (was lvl3 before), Shield masters now unlock from lvl5 (was 8 before) and Simian units now unlock at lvl3 (was lvl5 before). (for a more diverse early game)

  • Fixed broken mods and skills (Bouncing Lightning, Portable Guided Missiles, and Lethal Magazine)

  • Dragon Pems shots have a new animations and should not go through walls anymore

VFX additions:

  • New pistol VFX
  • New hover VFX for base suit and gorilla suit

SFX additions:

  • Ships’ hitting each other
  • Explosives (grenades, grenade launcher, missiles…)
  • Black hole skill explosion sound
  • Deployable shield (deploying, blocking, disabling)
  • Rick Ochet’s (Throwing, Bouncing, hitting)
  • Stun Grenade (Throwing, exploding)
  • Energy Shock (Explosion/Impact)
  • Nano Sphere (Explosion, throwing, moving)
  • Mini-HAARP (Explosion)
  • Portable Guided Missiles (locking, launching, explosion)
  • Energy Rift (explosion)
  • Eternal Glove (explosion)
  • Hitting teammates


  • Kerhalens have a new flag
  • New tutorials for the auto-forward
  • New shooting animation for Dragon Pems