Hello Commander, V93 is out!
There is a treasure hunt to earn prizes right now on our discord!!!!

Notable changes
  • We have a new holiday currency (not purchasable) that will allow you to unlock an exosuit skin (limited to this event) and/or can be exchanged for crafting resources.
    It is earned on the reward track so you need to finish the reward track quests in your new ship's -1 floor!
  • New Bridge (ship interior)!
    Thanks to The Originals, our fervent tester, for testing that out and helping us fix a few issues

  • Activities can now reward chests (content scales with difficulty)
    Thanks to The Originals for testing that as well and making sure rewards are adequate!

  • Elites and bosses can also drop chests

  • These chests have a new 3D model

  • Weapon synthesis will now be based on the weapon’s level, not its quality (crafting a white weapon at max lvl or upgrading a max lvl white weapon will require late-game components so no one gets stuck because of lacking materials)

  • Equipment now have durability

  • Equipment cannot be changed in battle

  • The creative tools from the main menu and ship’s bridge are temporarily removed

  • New holiday currency, the gingerbread man! (Redeemed in the synthesis menu)

  • The background pattern of your fleet’s flag can now be changed from your Arsenal

  • Conquest battles will now be done in waves

Proficiency Overhaul part 2

  • All weapons have a proficiency level

  • Category proficiencies (Firearms, Explosives, Melee…)

  • Archetype specialization(Only one as of now, Traditionalist), that act like classes

  • All have different bonuses and Exp gain conditions that are explained in the proficiency menu

The Traditionalist specialization affects the items we traditionally see in most FPS:
Grenades (solo and triple)
Heal (potions)
Shields (deployables)

Leveling Traditionalist unlocks these items as well as a passive set bonus (added to all traditionalist items equiped):
  1. 1 Traditionalist item equipped: While wearing any armor, dealing critical damage ignores X% of the enemies defense
  2. 2 Traditionalist item equipped: Increases critical damage dealt with ranged weapons by X%
  3. 3 Traditionalist item equipped: Gives X% chance to not consume a consumable when using it

  • New model for Kerhalen Warriors

  • New model for Kerhalen Elementalists

  • New passive ability for Kerhalens, Unburdened: Once their shield is empty they receive a boost in attack and defense.

  • Pem spiders and dragons projectiles should stop going through walls


  • New refuel tutorial video pop-up

  • The synthesis menu now correctly shows the number of troops trained/hatched for recipes

  • A small reminder will come to remind you there are unclaimed reward tracks rewards to unlock.

  • Daily mission descriptions will now include the expiration time

  • Pirate hunt missions will now always feature a UI pointer on the space map

  • Activities can now reward chests (content scales with difficulty)

  • Elites and bosses can also drop chests

  • (all chests have been changed to a new 3D model

  • Attacking fleets will no longer pull members from your team in the battle (as they are easy enough solo)
  • Everyone will earn XP after a battle
  • When players become busy after accepting a vote the person that triggered it will get the choice to relaunch the vote or proceed without the busy player.

  • New pistol firing effect

  • New pistol hit effect

  • New pistol ballistic effect

New SFX/voicelines
  • AI voice lines

  • Item Pickup feed sound effect

  • Pistol firing

  • Pistol hit (shielded enemy)

  • Pistol hit (unshielded enemy)

  • Pistol ballistic

  • SMG firing

  • SMG ballistic

  • SMG hit (shielded enemy)

  • Pem spider projectile

  • Explosions

  • Charge order voice line

  • Surrendering from an encounter will now cost 6% of your credits (was 5%)

  • The reward track unlock questline can be started at lvl1

  • Reward track unlocks were changed to be more interesting

  • Treasure maps bought in store are now more expensive

  • Upgrades unlocking piloting tanks/mechs are removed, they can be piloted without perks (it was

  • As pirate encounters’ difficulty was lowered, the chances they drop Treasure Map Trackers was lowered from 25 to 10%

  • Fixed an issue preventing players to purchase the mining unlock through the upgrade station

  • Refining a weapon from common to uncommon will now cost more materials

Have a wonderful Christmas my friends!
Anthony, Freeman and Yoko

And don't forget the treasure hunt!