Update 95: The Battle

The new version is here everyone!

With a new main questline! It starts with a much bigger battle to showcase the game better


  • Enemies will send backup more frequently to make battles more challenging
  • Assisting an NPC for a battle on the map will now send you to battle alongside them
  • Inflicted damage numbers should be easier to read (font changed)


  • Synthesis is now done through NPCs only

-Ship > Dockmaster
-Soldiers/vehicles> recruiter
-Equipment> Weaponsmith

Other changes:

Friendly NPCs will not give gifts on the space map (function turned off). The NPC system will receive a large overall in the future where this feature will return, alongside with server-side saves

New reward track

Multiverse logo animation tweaked

Balance changes:

  • Tactical units’ movement speed lowered by 10%
  • Pirate swordsmen movement speed lowered by 20%
  • Ship damage to troops increased by 100%
  • Players will spawn with 2 more simian units
  • All troops health increased by 5%
  • Number of roaming enemy fleets decreased
  • Daily missions will grant more reward track XP
  • The durability loss on equipment after losing a battle was slightly increased

Proficiency balance changes:

  • Pistol proficiency XP required to level up lowered
  • SMG proficiency XP required to level up lowered
  • Firearm proficiency XP required to level up increased
  • Heavy Armor proficiency XP required to level up increased

Bug fixes:

  • Players losing proficiency EXP
  • Disconnection errors
  • Several crashes

Have fun commander!
Anthony, Freeman, and Yoko.

P.S: We like involving you guys, and as we wish to implement new boss affixes (like teleporting, multiplicating, reflecting damage...) we'd like to ask if you have any idea you'd wish to share!
If so you can do it on this form: