Update 96: Terra Nostra


Main Changes
New troop: Extremely resistant, does not dodge. It uses melee attacks and will knock back those it hits.
New Terra Terra was COMPLETELY REMADE! (outside model and city)
Players names will be displayed when in a city
Players messages in cities will appear in speech bubbles
The first mainquest battle will start directly (no dialog / searching for the enemy)
Terra sidequests now have lvl and mainquest progress requirements
Mainquests reward more credits
Crafting quests changed to power requirements (weapons and troops). You can choose what you wish to craft

Drops can be picked up during battle, their color in the log indicating their rarity
New pirate fleets roam the galaxy

New affixes
Added new affixes for bosses and elites
Grenadier: Throws grenades
Incendiary: Throws INCENDIARY grenades (totally different thing)
Shocker: Throws ELECTRIFIED grenades (totally different thing`) [MIGHT NOT BE IN THE GAME YET]

New special effects for drops, higher rarity drops are more noticeable
Impact effects:
humans > red (blood)
pems> green (blood)
vehicles> blue (impact)

Cobras’ movement speed increased
Dragons’ range reduced 
Reflector elites/bosses will reflect more damage
Pirate bosses health reduced
Boss/elites/troops damage was reduced, their defense and maneuverability increased, their range greatly increased.
Ships now have manned weapons to increase the role of troops
Ships deal increased damage to all ground troops but aim less accurately. Their armor and range were also reduced
Companions armor increased from 1250 to 2500
Bipedal mechs have increased range
Troops grenades range reduced to 0-10 meters, their damage was also reduced
Different types of chests can be dropped when finishing an activity depending on difficulty

Equipment and materials
Some materials descriptions were updated
Players now start with SMGs, deployable shields, grenades, and potions
deployable shields, grenades, and potions now grant less power score
Grenade launcher’s recipe adjusted

Armor proficiency gain increased
Troops and vehicles proficiency require less XP to lvl up
Troops, vehicles, and ships will unlock faster
The grenade launcher now unlocks on firearm lvl2