V85 Dark Suit

After a few iterations, V85 is now out!

-Daily missions have been added! Completing 10 will award a "star chip", these chips can be used to unlock skins (not fully implemented yet, not a premium currency, the skin unlock is not finalized) More daily missions will be added so players can complete at least 10 a day.
-New lower difficulty levels have been added to comets, hatcheries and pirate lairs. (The number of total bosses is now dynamic and can change to suit all players, same for the number of eggs to gather)
-New battlefield skybox
-The troops command system now allows you to control vehicles only
-Comets will now yield more minerals
-Recycling and mining now yield more resources
-Overall number of hatcheries increased, comets decreased.
-Overall number of NPC fleets reduced but they are more likely to try and interact with you
-Pirate fighters and sailors now have voice lines
-Space stations now have specialties, some are specialized in weaponry meaning you can purchase crafting materials, others in resupplying meaning you can purchase food and fuel…
-The galaxy scaling system has been overhauled to avoid extreme difficulty spikes
-The ship radar’s range has been reduced (performance optimization)
-Backpack size increased by 4 rows and items can now stack up to 99 and 999
-Synthesis overhaul, easier to unlock blueprints, recipes adjusted (less materials needed)
-Stores will now sell more items
-Pirate lairs’ treasure room door replaced
-New recipes will now show a little red dot to signify they were recently unlocked
-New sound effects for doors, elevators, explosions, death sounds, hit on mechs, hits on shield, hits on flesh.
-Players are no longer kicked of a battlefield after winning, allowing you to gather items before leaving
-Overheat weapons (shotgun and bow) will no longer loop their overheating sound effect when swapped during a reload.

Have fun!
Anthony, Yoko and Freeman.